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The Ultimate Guide To Web Design For Beginners 2020

web design

As we are living in the modern world of science, the internet Is growing fastly among people. They are getting benefits from it, as a source of communication and are stronger than ever by using the internet in the modern era.

Do you want to learn some tech skills and start your career as a Web Designer? Great! The article will guide you just accordingly. The best way of learning Web Hosting is through different platforms. The hardest thing to learn about Web Developing is planning on from where, and how to start. If you are starting from scratch, and do not have much idea regarding coding, then you may use tutorials and take some courses related to it. 

The following article will guide you regarding these factors:

  • The idea regarding the Web Development
  • Fundamental aspects of Web Designing
  • Historical background
  • A number of Web Designing companies
  • Various platforms from where you can learn Web Designing
  • Step by step approach for Web Designing
  • Advantages that will help you amplify

Let’s move on with a step by step approach, and first have a look at what exactly is web designing, to rule out any confusions.

Web Development or web designing is the work related to creating a website or arranging the content for the internet. Web designing is a job for web designers. They upgrade and program the internet, and to create web pages. If you are designing a new web site, then remember the adeptness of the colours and fonts is necessary. The web solution is a necessary part of your website. Web designing companies use vector for creating graphics and designs and usually create those designs which have to be the best fit for their theme or page. Moreover, web designing companies should know the web accessibility and their character in creating a web page. While designing, your speed and productivity must be greatest and also the stability of good and better work is necessary for this field. 

In addition to that, you need to focus on creating a good page on the web, as this field is highly concentrated, and competitive since the 2010s for mobiles and other devices to be designed. A web designer also creates contents of a website, it required finite and limited technical ability, topped with skills of creativity. It is a vigorous field for the students and also access to programming and developing the web pages. You can increase the number of your viewers dramatically by visiting their interest in your page and rates too. The website can be maintained in numerous ways. 

Moving on now let’s analyze some of the fundamental aspects that are required for web designing.

  •     Basics: Knowing exactly how do the websites work? Having knowledge regarding the front end vs. Back end, using a code editor. 
  •     Basics: Being able to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can take courses to learn how to use these.
  •     Tools: Package Manager, Build Tools, Version Controls.
  •     Additional front end: Sass, responsive design, and JavaScript frameworks. 


Knowing the historical background is pretty essential before starting anything, be it web designing. This gives one a better idea to know the details and prevents them from making the same mistakes. 

Web solution has an ancient history that sticks around picture and art. It is very difficult to live without graphics, design pictures, and logos, it looks so roughly without it. In 1989 the World Wide Web was introduced in the world, you could only use text at that time for writing. There were no graphics, images, music, and sound at that time. w3c was invented in 1996 that ensured the programming language in the World Wide Web. Later HTML tags fonts and colours were introduced In the computer. Many applications were introduced at that time for example style sheets, Microsoft and HTML that gave a positive response to the development of the world and to the people. HTML was used for graphic and colours and Gif for filling the space free places. In 1996 CSS was introduced for designing, each application has its unique quality to perform a specific job, and make web designing more interesting.

Later in 1996 flash was also developed for the layout, sketching, and painting tools. Thousands of people played their part in software, these experts developed skills and sooner this field expanded into the whole world, javascript as well as internet explorer were developed and are highly used in modern times.

Now take one step ahead, let’s have a look at some of the web designing companies, and how they work. This might help you look up to them and learn the relevant skills.

A great number of companies are involved in web designing services for upgrading the modifying the web pages. Numerous companies are situated all over the world to enhance the quality of the internet. The following are some top web designing companies in Pakistan.

  •     HTML Pro
  •     Cygnis Media
  •     Graphiters
  •     Webperts
  •     Grocode
  •     Virgo Tech

Other companies, offering services around the globe including

  •     Jordan crown 
  •     Bop Design
  •     Blue fountain media
  •     Digital silk 

 If you wish to pursue web designing field, it is recommended for you to study some other courses. Web Designing Companies always require multi-talented people for this job who can multi-task, such as ketching, drawing, know adobe photoshop, system design, graphics, art and design, net framework, and so on.

The designer should be aware of marketing and designing as well as the layout of the page. Pixel can be used to design the layout sometimes. The layout and web elements elucidate by CSS. The combination of both these tools requires the browser to activate the page for designing. HTML and CSS are used to create and design web pages and pictures, moreover, they also provide an easy way by saving the graphic application like adobe photoshop in to save for web to easily browse it in a format size on a web publishing site.

Most of these companies provide web designing services for 

  1. Business websites
  2. Ecommerce websites
  3. Custom applications 
  4. Mobile responsive
  5. SEO friendly tools
  6. SM integration 
  7. Easy to use Content Management System
  8. Cutting edge design 
  9. Cart integration

In order to enhance your skills, below have been listed some platforms that you can search up, and learn new skills from.

Finding the right platform to learn Web Development may help you achieve your targets. Some platforms offer tons of free stuff and some focus on paid content. It is suggested that at first, you take the free courses in order to decide what you want to specialize in.


Courses are available in several fields:  

  • Python development 
  • Front end web development
  • IOS development 
  • Computer sciences
  • Full-stack JavaScript development

The team treehouse is a subscription-based platform. They offer affordable plans, student discounts, and free trials. If you’re pretty serious about committing your goals, then you may check the treehouse tech degree program. It teaches everything you need to start a tech career.

  •     CodeAcademy 

This is a platform where people mostly start to learn to code. You can sign up in less than a minute and move towards your first Web Development tutorial right away! CodeAcademy has a browser-based learning environment. This is easy to use because you don’t need to install any apps or software. CodeAcademy has lots of free content to learn. Once you start enjoying it, you can turn your free plan into a paid one as well. The paid subscription will help you unlock career paths and you can gain access to multiple projects which may help you in building your career portfolio and CVs. 


  •     Udemy 

It is one of the best platforms where you can learn virtually. You also find a vast collection of beginner-level courses in coding and web development. You can use free resources to learn the basics of the topic.


  •     PluralSight (Code School)

It is also a subscription-based platform that offers a great selection of learning paths of beginners and advanced level peeps. The courses are of the following: 

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Software development
  • Data sciences
  •     FreeCodeCamp 

Free code camp is one of the best platforms to learn your topic. They have a browser-based learning environment. They have 100% free courses. 

Other different platforms include:

  •     Adobe Dreamweaver CC 
  •     WordPress
  •     Atom
  •     Web Flow 
  •     Sketch 
  •     Wix 
  •     Mobirise


Let’s dive into knowing the details regarding what steps you must focus on while creating a web design page.

Initially it a little hard because of the technical issues on which you have to focus hard for a good platform and site, your visual and other skills must be perfect in all ways. Web solution always requires a great design creation for ambient success.

Web solutions is a program that is distributed over a network. It is mostly accessible through a common web browser and helps people understand the basic company, product, and outstanding fields. They attract viewers by its product and creation of the website and prepare the web designers for a better job possibility.

Following are the steps for web designing:

Goal Identification:

You should know the actual and primary purpose of the page and website on what you are working on. You need to intensify the goal by having close cooperation with the customers and clients. By identifying the goal for your website, you will be able to design the design and structure of the website accordingly.

üBe clear about what site you are working for: 

Scope identification is yet another aspect that you must have a clear-cut idea about. Your aim should be perfectly defined, for which product you are working or selling. You must be able to convey the brand its message on the page.

This is the most essential thing that must be paid special emphasis on while planning to start a platform. If one of these things will be missed you will miss out on the viewers, and your clients aswell. Thus, it must be a priority to remember the aim of your goal.

Main features of the website:

  •     Have an innovatory short paragraph.
  •     Set a logo as a reference point to make sure it reflects the brand image
  •     Be considerate about the client’s requirement
  •     Make sure that it enhances the brand credit



The main theme of the project can be easily defined if you know the scope of your goal. The designing of a new web site according to the scope is one of the main problems, as it gradually expands by the clients during working or looking on the site, and you must be able to make the adjustments accordingly. And it requires more work for the designers. You should have a proper discussion and set of ideas about what you are designing.

Create a Map site:

By aiming your goal you can easily feature the pages and content. A site map will list the pages of your website and help in making a well-designed page. The next step is to find the designs and content that helps in magnifying the gaps in the map site and wireframe creation. Furthermore, it will help the visitors navigate through the pages easily.

Sitemaps will help you strategize the order of your website. After that, you can do wireframing by zooming into the pages and mapping out the different features. Wireframing can be of high-fidelity that have high-quality pixels and designs, or low-fidelity, which are very minimal and simplistic. 

Creation of the content:

Now you can start writing content on the page after all this procedure is done. It is essential that the content must be written uniquely in order to engage the viewers, even if you have short content but interesting and bright it will keep the viewer’s attention on the page.

Your keywords play an important role in web pages, to improve skills and content an SEO that is search engine optimization plays a vital role in checking your content and maximizing the number of viewers on your website.

The content that has well-defined keywords and is informative is easily found by the SEO tools for publishing it on the top of the google to find it easier for the viewers. Your awesome page requires a tiny work with gather content, google docs, and google trend keywords, by which you can have an attractive and proofreading content.

Be considerate about the Visual Elements:

Now you can create any type of style for your page, according to a theme. You can choose different patterns, colours, designs, and logos according to your choice or client’s interest. A high-quality image to design a website gives a professional and a highlighted look. Not only images are important to impress the viewers, but you can also write short messages regarding the product or about your theme which engages the viewers and develops their interest towards your site. You can also use several applications regarding pictures, size, and quality without ruining the quality, and can also compress the size and looks of the picture. It is suggested that by taking different courses for this field you should also learn some photography and editing skills, to become a pro at what you do.

Testing the website:

Testing is yet another main feature of web designing. It is very essential to check all the features and make sure that it is working accordingly. Check the links, load the page, and all devices, small mistakes can make an error but you can fix them by finding it and it requires a minimal effort for it, but these efforts are indeed worth the hassle. Check the meta titles and descriptions as well as the explanation of the page. You can make use of SEO spider, that is an application to find easily the unexpected mistakes done during the creation of the page.

You must pay special emphasis on it to ensure the best quality work for your clients.


The last and ending part of the diehard work is finally here. When the overall site is fully checked and designing a website is completed, the next step you can take now is to launch it. Using the right choice of colours, fonts, and design is the main purpose. Now you can launch it.

Moving further on, lets dive into the benefits of web designing, and why you should really consider giving it a try.

There are many advantages of web designing related to SEO and the World Wide Web, the following are listed for you.


User experience is the main factor it requires time and skills for a better web designer. If the user will not able to proceed and feel hard to compute then he will be shortly a part for it but if one has an interest and quality of understanding the keywords and font, he /she can easily compute it.

Mobile traffic:

In the past years, only 50% of people of the world visited the site and it seems like it is not affordable for the easier response of web designers. Now several responsive and well quality web designers are available for the people spending time on the phone. This increased mobile traffic more likely than any other site.


It is easy to maintain the site in the world, as many responsive web designers are available so less time is needed to maintain the site and be divided into more social sites like computing, customer dealing, product criteria, etc.

Fastest way :

It’s the fastest way to develop a website before this people used to develop the smallest mobile version but after it converts into a web designing page on which you can easily create or develop a site and also give a fast response on the web pages.


Search engine optimization design

It is important to make your site permanent for SEO. Making your site attractive and informative will rank your site on the top of the pages by SEO, but if your site will not be responsive or informative it will lower your rates and viewer’s attention towards it.

More social sharing:

By creating an attractive site to your social links will be increased and will take in front of many audiences, increases the traffic on your chats and clients. It will create a  good impression as the social traffic increases the SEO signals will search and can engage you on the top listed viewers. This is beneficial for your site as it gives a good side of your site and your business.


Building backlinks is the main feature that the responsive website will upgrade your site. It allows the SEO to check your quality and other websites to consider the information on your site, if you don’t have a good quality of words or mistakes in keywords it will be less responsive towards you which will be worse for your site.

Lower bounce rate:

An optimized size gives a good experience to the visitors. If they like your site they will be mostly engaged in it and explore your site, while if it will not be so responsive its chances, then they will bounce back.


Hoping the following information provided you with sufficient information regarding an ultimate guide, step by step approach, and the aspects you must focus on while starting web designing in 2020. 

By following the steps above, you can achieve your goals in time. These resources will help you learn web designing like a pro. The process to learn would surely be overwhelming and time-consuming, but in the end, it will surely be worth all your efforts and will pay off. 

Remember to keep on practicing these skills side by side. Practicing with time will only make you perfect. You can take inspirations from different websites and try out creative and innovative content every time. 


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