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Your digital assets will stay safe with our high throughput firewall, DNS protection and clean traffic filtering. We keep your website secure and online 24x7.

Our brand BlockDoS is one of the top DDoS protection and online security solutions provider in the world. We have years of experience and have provided DDoS protection to businesses from every industry. Our rates are highly competitive and this gives us an edge over rest of the providers. The protection we provide is not only cost-effective but also powerful. Our DDoS mitigation centers are geographically distributed in more than 75 locations and our services are backed by platforms that have an aptitude to defeat the most dangerous and difficult DDoS attacks. It is necessary for an organization to think and be proactive about all possible online threats. DDoS threats are evolving daily and are incredibly dangerous. Protecting your organization from DDoS attack and ensuring your privacy is as important as safeguarding your bank account.

Our solutions are easy to integrate and give you the ultimate DDoS protection. Here is a quick glance at what we can provide:

  • Quick installation of solution & premium protection.
  • Instant setup without any additional setup fee.
  • Round the clock support.
  • Lowest down time.
  • Multiple layer protection.
  • Capacity to handle heavy attacks of 300+ Gbps.
  • Mitigation locations all over the globe.
  • An experienced team to provide expert opinion and world class services.

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