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We re-fashion the theory of branding. Come to us if you want clutter free, interactive and innovative websites. Our custom websites redefine the epoch of web design.
Our web design wing Spotty Web combines smart and cutting edge technologies to produce eye-catching and interactive designs. We aim to fulfill all your digital requirements with finest aptitude. We produce clutter free code and latest Web 3.0 designs crafted in HTML5, jQuery 2.2.2 and PHP5.6.

Analyzing Your Requirements

Analyzing the requirements for your website is the most important step in web designing and development process. Our dedicated team of professionals carefully analyzes your website requirements by keeping your corporate identity, business model and your audience in view.

Designing your website

After carefully analyzing your website requirements, we begin work on the design. We visualize your website layout by providing a nice clean interface that portrays the right traits. We create one or more mockup designs for your site. It is a very important phase where we work closely with you until you arrive at the final decision on the design for your web site.

Implementing the design

After you reached a decision on website design we start work on its implementation phase. This is a point where your web site itself is created. At this time, our designers will take all of the personage graphical elements from the mockup and use them to develop the actual, functional website. We breathe life into your WebPages by carefully using programming languages and all navigational aspects.

get your website built

It’s time to go live. After your approval we upload your website files to your server. Our professionals carefully check the cross browser compatibility, download speed, broken links etc. We maintain the highest standards of quality assurance and are committed to help our customers make their web business a success.

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