Managed Dedicated Servers

Power up your applications with our fully managed dedicated servers. Our high performance dedicated servers are extra secure and backed by our 100% uptime SLA.

Server4Sale Pvt. Ltd. is the market leader in providing dedicated hosting solutions to businesses and corporations globally. Our high performance dedicated servers are a perfect match for your corporate workloads. Not only do we offer servers which are customizable and scalable but also which give you complete security and control. We have our dedicated support experts available 24x7x365 at your service so no matter what time of the night it is you can rest assure that your server is being taken care of.

There are a number of reasons why our servers are top of the line in performance. The most important reason is that we never compromise on quality. We maintain collection of latest servers so the servers you see in our catalogue will be brand new. This ensures that hardware failure risk is minimized and you rarely run into any technical problems. In addition to the hardware performance, our network performance is top-notch. We have a number of redundant bandwidth carriers which reduces the risk of network failure. There are multiple providers on standby, so if one of the providers go down, the traffic is automatically rerouted to alternate bandwidth carrier ensuring that your server experiences no downtime.

Customization is one of the key factors in choosing a dedicated server. Your requirements are variable and hence we should have customization options available for your ever changing technical requirements. This is the case with Server4Sale because we anticipate you will require server upgrades. If you require a completely customized server, we can do that for you just the way you prefer it.

Finally, the reason which differentiates us from the rest of the crowd is our edge in providing security solutions thanks to our world class security brand BlockDOS. Our technical engineers harden the server when delivering to you making sure that it’s patched against the deadliest of the exploits. We offer a number of addons which include DDoS protection, malware scanning and email security which enhances your overall server security and stability. On top of this, we offer you the root access to your server so you know you are in total control. Whatever you decide goes and that is the essence of our moto – we put client first.

The servers are usually provisioned within 24-48 hours and in most cases, this is much quicker when the server is already in stock and preconfigured. To get started, all you have to do is follow the request a quote wizard and we’ll get in touch with you.

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