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The Impact of Website Design on Customer Engagement

The Impact of Website Design on Customer Engagement

Nearly all of the businesses have a digital presence over the internet to capture market share. Every business has its own social media platforms where they can engage with potential customers, utilizes the platform for creating public awareness. Despite the fact of digital presence through social media platforms, businesses do need a professional website for creating a brand image, customer loyalty, and E-commerce purposes. So the impact of website design on customer engagement plays an important role.

A website is necessary when you are planning to target customers globally, it helps you in digital marketing, targeting potential customers, and creating an excellent overall impression in the business world.

When you are ready and all set to design a new website, you need to know how your website is going to assist you in your business. you need to have the answers to certain questions when you are up to design a new website. Ask the web design companies about what design will suit your website, how the new website will impact your business growth? What are the pros of using a professional website?

If you are serious about designing your website so always look for the best web designing companies available to serve you.

The main purpose of every business is to engage more and more potential customers. When you are planning to design a new website, keep in mind that what impact will it create on customer engagement.

The impact of Website Design on customer engagementThe Impact of Website Design on Customer Engagement

Well, you might have a question about how the website design will impact your customer engagement? Let me answer this question but before going through that let’s just see a few statistics regarding the importance of website design for your business. 

Reason For attractive website design?

There are numerous reasons why you need to pay extra attention to attractive website design. Some of them are statistically proven and are the secret behind the success of many businesses.

Lasting First Impression

As a popular saying is the first impression is always the last impression. Considering the factor, great and professional website design will help you in creating an everlasting great first impression. Once a customer visits your website, if he/she likes the overall design it will have a positive impact on the customers and will force them to be your loyal customer in the long run. Every business has to face the problem of creating a good impression on its customers and this is where your website design will help you in. a unique and well-designed website will help you in engaging your customers more than anything else. According to Adobe,38% of people will stop engaging with a website having unattractive web layout and content.

Quality Customer Experience

Website design will not just only create a lasting first impression but also helps in a great quality experience. There are some quality web designing companies that offer you plenty of designs for your website just to make sure that your customers will have a positive website experience and it will result in great customer engagement and customer retention. A great website for enhancing the quality experience for customers would be the one that loads faster, provide your customers with navigation, and facilitate them with online live support. 

A poor website experience will force your customers to leave your website and business.88% of customers are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience.

Enhances Credibility

Professional website design will help in attaining credibility in the eyes of your customers. Most of the time a poor website design will affect your credulity in the eyes of your customers and can destroy the ultimate impact of your digital presence and results in losing customers as well as business. 

Increases Conversion Rate

When you are doing business, what would be your primary objective? Yes, Of course, to gain more and more business and more customers. Great website design will provide you with catchy and appropriate CTA (Call to Action) displayed on your website. The call to Action button would help you to know the interest of your customer and will help in easily converting visitors into your customers. You would be surprised to know that the position of your CTA buttons and layout will decide many more factors for instance the colors of the Call to Action button has it’s own importance, according to A/B testing the red color CTA button outperformed the green color button by 21%. By looking at the facts you can easily understand the importance of CTA and overall website designing for a rapid and quality conversion rate. 


Want your business to grow at a rapid pace, or you want your customers to believe in you, that you need to be professional in every aspect. For obtaining customers and making them believe and trust in you your actions must speak for your professionalism. Talking about digital marketing, the only thing that can make your customers believe in you is your website. If your website is created professionally and it has all the traits which can speak for your business professionalism so it can create a huge impact on your customers. For successful e-commerce your customers must trust you, you can build this by providing online assistance, testimonials, and association with brands, any other government authenticated certifications should be available on your website. A professional website should consist of a gallery of your business products and services, call to action buttons, and most importantly your contact information. 44% of customers will leave a website having no contact information.


To engage your customer an ideal website would be having clarity, providing all the necessary information required by your customer. For enhancing the clarity of your website, it should equip with great navigation tools to support your customer for a quality website experience. If you have a sound website design it will increase your website clarity and helps your business to gain more and more customers and business. Clarity is very important because if your customers are not satisfied with browsing your website you will start losing them.

Compatibility across different devices

There are a lot of people you come in contact with complaining that the website experience was better on their laptops than their smartphones. Have you ever thought about why the same website has different experiences across different devices? This is the point where website design would help you in creating a professional website that would be compatible across different devices. If the website has not the same experience as different devices it will impact your credibility and customer trust. A professional web design service provider has expertise in creating a responsive website to be used across different devices without affecting customer experience.

High Speed for Great Experience

Talking about the overall customer experience and satisfaction the most important factor which comes into play is your website load speed. If your website speed is very slow it will provide a bad user experience to your customers and results in losing your impact in the digital world. As customers are in a hurry and they prefer such websites which offers them high speed and better user experience. 


Considering all the above factors the long-term impact of your website design on customer engagement would be that they can become your loyal customers. Businesses take a lot of time in creating and maintaining brand loyalty. Your website design could help you in creating brand loyalty and customer retention.


Website design is an important factor for customer retention and engagement. If your business has a professional website design it will create far more impacts on the digital marketplace and it will help you in capturing the marketplace for a long period of time. A quality website design will allow you in creating a great customer experience it can enhance your credibility and professionalism. 

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