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How to respond to one-star rating customer to win back the customer

 How to respond the customers to win back customer trust

Before diving into the details, lets first have a look at the customer care call centers

In this era of science & technology, the role of call center services has become vital. Call centers are used even by well-known companies, especially by service provider organizations. Companies splurge on call centers & buy their services for their customers to keep their cost limited.

Most companies prefer to establish their call centers in third-world countries so that they may reduce their fixed cost which consists of wages. The trend of calling customers has been increased a lot by End-users and customers. More than 41 % of customers prefer to call buyers on using websites. 


Now you might be wondering why even are these call centers established, and what exactly is the purpose of these? Let’s clear this confusion out so you can have a better understanding.

Call centers help to deal with a large number of queries from the end-user of the specific product or service. Therefore, companies plan for call offices as administration ease and to provide better services to their customers. Companies need to respond in such a way that leads them to win customer satisfaction.


Therefore, it is recommended the company should respond to the buyer’s queries quickly and understand the customer’s basic requirements. A quick response is always appreciated by the customers. In the 21st century, people have no time to waste and to wait for slow responses. Customers only like those companies which respond in quick time and provide the best call center services.

Having said that customers not only require quick and prompt responses to their queries by the call centers but also want better products than that of other competitors. The ultimate object of a customer is to gain a good product in a short time and less money but no one will compromise on quality.


Customer’s complaint on damaged products & late parcels and may shift to another company having the same product. Therefore, it is required by a call center to hear customer’s remarks about their services because these are the points that may improve a company’s working, procedures, and quality of the product as well. As per some researcher’s papers, services matter more than the products, especially in context to the best call center services


 The worst thing a call center might receive is a one-star rating. One star to any organization indicates its worst service. As quoted above, the services of any company matter more than the topic itself. If you are an online shopper, you might have observed that we do not buy anything that has even only one star with the rest of the fives. 

One star is a vulnerable matter of consideration for any company. Remember the fact that the performance of any company is measured by the call center it is linked to. One start would be awarded to the call center. The call center has to deal with the shame and all that. 


Call center employees are trained to talk in a way that even if the customer has rated them one star, he feels satisfied by the service. Some tips and tricks are taught to call center employees with which they can handle one-star rating and frustrated customers. It is obvious that the customer that is awarding you one start is terrified by your product and is frustrated.


Let’s look at some of the strategies that may assist you in regarding how to tackle a one-star rating:

Some tips and tricks that might help to calm down the frustrated customer are as follows:


Never hesitate from acclaiming your mistake:

Nothing could be worse than a customer calling a customer care call center and the employee flunks away from the fault produced by their product. Most companies do not own a call center, they contact an already existing call center and train some employees according to their need and scope. Those employees work for the call center, but not the company itself. However, they have complete information about how the company works. 

So those employees are not responsible for the services offered by the company. Many times it has been observed that those employees are not loyal to the company and do not acclaim their mistake. They simply flank from the customer’s quotation and say that it is no fault of the company to save their time. This thing makes the customer even angrier and the customer might not like to have your service again ever.  

The key to success is to abide by your mistake, let them know that if you made a mistake you are accepting that. This will make the customer feel relaxed a bit and he will let you repair in your way.


Make sure to always articulate friendly 

No one would like to ask you something if you sound harsh. Remember, if you have got a one-star rating, your objective is to handle it properly. Not forcing the customer to delete it. First, you may solve the problem for your customer then you may ask for something else. 


Solve the problem as soon as possible

There is no use in crying over spilled milk. Try to solve your customer’s problem as soon as you can. It will make your customer comfortable with you and he might come for more products. After you have solved the problem, call them once again and ask them if their problem is solved. Let them know that you offer the best call center services.

This will make your customers think of the remarkable customer care facilities that you provide.



With the techniques suggested above, you can win back your customers, despite one-star ratings and pull up your reputation in the longer run. It is highly essential for you to have a loyal customer base, for your business to stay successful. Thus, you must really look forward to using such similar strategies to win back your customers. 


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