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Traditional and remote call centers compared- 2020 guide

Traditional and remote call centers compared- 2020 guide

In today’s world, call centre services to play a significant role in the fields of sales and marketing. Businesses use call centres to build an instant connection between brands and customers or buyers. Enterprises rely heavily on call centres to deliver an instant resolution to the problems of their customers. Whether you are a health, insurance, technical support, or real estate business, you need call centres to build connections with your target audience.

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However, times have changed. Especially, ever since the arrival of COVID-19, global businesses are forced to let their workforce operate from their homes. This has completely changed the demographics of the call centre industry. It not only allows businesses to reduce their cost of customer handling and hosting but also makes them get the best out of their human resource remotely.

Whether you operate a traditional call centre or a remote call centre, you know things have changed forever. This piece of article will clear your mind about how remote or cloud call centres differ from traditional call centres.


  1. Efficient Monitoring for Remote Call Centers

One of the best things that have happened with the advent of cloud call centres is better to control for supervisors and managers over their agents. The remote call centre software gives supervisors or floor managers access to the agents’ systems. It allows them to monitor their workflow and the quality of their calls instantly. It wasn’t the case with the traditional call centres where supervisors can’t monitor the performance in the real-time.


  1. Remote Call Centers Offer Liberty

The traditional call centres demand agents to make sure of their presence at the office premises to go about their jobs. However, the remote call centres allow call centre agents to deliver the goods from literally anywhere. The agents with distant call centre software enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere and still get the job done.


  1. Better Control over Agents at Traditional Call Centers

One of the best things about the traditional call centres is the provision of absolute control to the managers over their agents. They are always aware of the absentees, the idle workers, and the ones with a long queue of waiting calls. On the other hand, when agents are working away from the premises, the managers are not always aware of their location, their availability, and their performance.


  1. Remote Call Centers Require Better Collaboration

Better collaboration is the order of the day for the call centre managers, especially if their agents are operating from home. Managers need to keep better and effective communication with their agents to have a better understanding of their status. The modern-day call centre software allows managers to keep in touch with their agents and take over the calls, if and when required.


  1. Better Productivity with Remote Call Centers

Since remote call centres enable agents to work from the place of their comfort, it results in better productivity. They don’t feel pressurized by the presence of senior members around and their complete focus is on the quality of their calls. Moreover, they are always connected with the managers that allow them to transfer the calls immediately to them when they find themselves stuck in a closed alley. On the contrary, in the traditional call centres, agents, especially rookies, find themselves pressurized unnecessarily by the unwanted attention from the seniors at the premises. Many of them fail to make their mark only because of this undue interference in their calls.


The Concluding Remarks

It is quite a critical and complicated decision to pick an option between the remote call centre and the traditional call center services. Both the methodologies have their weak and strong points. It is always suggested to keep your department goals in top priority while deciding on any of them.

While the remote call centres allow the managers to enjoy end-to-end monitoring and a user-friendly interface, the traditional call centres offer better control over the agents in the real-time. In many cases, call centres are the only mode of communication between brands and their customers. It is always better to adopt the latest trends and use the latest technology to offer customers the best way to resolve their issues and grievances. After all, it is all about establishing and maintaining a vibrant and trustworthy connection between customers and brands.

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